Data Centers in Digital Transformation | Part 1


This is just part of a continuing series of ideas, thoughts and comments on the digital transformation taking place in data centers today that I will be writing as part of an ongoing series. Along with my colleague and Stateless co-founder Eric Keller who will be posting his own thoughts and views on this exciting and complex subject, I would like to share with you some key elements in this evolutionary, if not revolution journey in data center technologies.

From the beginning, data centers were the heartbeat of the computing and now IT-information technology corporate infrastructure. Long ago, we saw one of the first and rather large unmarked buildings in Denver which was the data center for the United Airlines reservation network. While these buildings were hardly noticeable on the outside they were and still are the nervous network of any business large or small. Today there are more than three million data centers in the U.S alone which amounts to one per every 100 people. This astounding fact means that not only is there a large number of data centers, but as the number increases, the connections across and between these data centers will grow exponentially.

The data center and special kinds for telecom, cable, federal government, enterprise, co-location and others, in my opinion, become the focal point for where cloud, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and other new technological and internet innovations will occur. Innovation will also not just be off in some distant place but very close to where you use technology services. From the edge device such as your smart phone or business device such as your desktop, we will be connected to these data centers in many new and interesting ways. Throughout these short briefs I will focus on what key innovations are taking place and will take place in terms of data center connectivity over the next decade and if possible, look even farther.

What We’re Working On

In regard to what we are doing at Stateless, Eric and I believe that we are working on innovative solutions that will aid, and even accelerate data center networking and connectivity transformation. In building our solution we saw an opportunity to bring new tools to the key elements in a data center which are communications connections, information processing, storage/backup, resiliency/self-healing and the underlying fabric that will increasingly be intelligent, composable and rapidly dynamic.

In other words, the core of the next-generation data center will be a software-defined system of interconnections with AI-driven management automation. Not only will this facilitate the growth of the data center connectivity without increasing the facility, power, outside connections and labor costs, but it also open the doors for new data center applications and use cases that were not possible before. Logically, technology has evolved from hardware defined provisioning, high labor costs and limited functionality including growth to software-defined solutions. We are dedicated to challenging these long held, outdated operating models.

For instance, network composablility is an area of keen interest and development which provides rapid configuration management expediting provider quote to cash for their network services. Composability also means that the underlying data center architecture provides customization, flexibility, agility and resiliency that current network applications and virtual functions are unable to deliver. Further, on demand “drag and drop” connection provisioning provides the means for accelerated service delivery to customers with less hands-on network management time. This increases business pricing options such as “by the slice” pricing rather than paying for stair-step services, they never want or use. I plan to explore this and other concepts with you on a monthly basis.

In order to keep these briefing notes fast, focused and functional in one-minute I would like to pause until next time to drill deeper into the issues addressed above. In the meantime, you can email me at directly with your thoughts, ideas and observations here.

Thanks again for taking a minute of your busy today.

Murad Kablan, CEO

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