Introducing Stateless Luxon


Today, the Stateless team is extremely excited and proud to formally announce our software-defined interconnect (SD-IX) platform, Luxon.

Those of you who have been following our journey know that we have been developing this revolutionary platform since we founded the company. We embarked on this path almost three years ago with the vision to completely re-invent network connectivity, and Luxon is the first step to doing so.

Luxon seamlessly delivers composable Layer 3+ network services such as routing, security andLuxon_Mock-Up_Small automation to interconnect points through software. With Luxon, colocation providers and cloud managed service providers (MSPs) can control and connect to every endpoint, including portfolio data centers, tenant sites and hyperscale clouds.

You can learn more about Luxon use cases here.

Transformation in IT infrastructure including rapid enterprise adoption of hyperscale clouds and transition from on-premises to third party data centers and public clouds has created the need for an SD-IX platform in the market. We are at the precipice of an explosion in interconnectivity bandwidth reaching across all environments and Luxon will give data center operators the ability to handle this transformation elegantly while building new products and growing their revenue.

We have built our product to handle the requirements of the most demanding, multi-tenant data centers. There are four benefits that make Luxon truly unique amongst networking alternatives in the market:

  1. Multitenancy – The Luxon SD-IX platform was created for multitenant environments and can securely handle enterprise workloads while providing tenants the ability to create customized networks based on unique requirements.
  2. Automation – Luxon’s SD-IX technology is based on a web scale architecture and allows users to automate services end-to-end including deployment, growth and failover.
  3. Visibility and Control – Rich APIs are a byproduct of Luxon’s architecture and provide users with access down to the most granular level of the system.
  4. Consolidation and Evolvability – Users do not have to deploy new appliances or on-board new systems each time a tenant submits a new request or use case. With Luxon, providers can build out new solutions seamlessly using Stateless’ simple software-based platform.
    As we look to the future we will continue working with early adopters to fine-tune our technology as we work towards a general availability release in Q3 of 2019.

If you are interested in learning more about the platform, our newly-announced EVP of Operations and Service Provider Strategy will be presenting at the infra//structure summit on Thursday, May 2nd at 1:15. You can reach out to schedule a demo to see the platform in action.

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