Networking Designed to Evolve with Your Business

Stateless is a new patented architecture where state and processing are decoupled from network functions, then broken down into micro-network functions to enable simple, scalable and dynamic networking.

Breaking Network Boundaries

They said it couldn’t be done…

We set out with a promise to break the constraints of legacy hardware. So we rethought networking from the ground up by removing state from the equation.

We don’t believe in routers – we believe in routing. You may not want to pay for every feature in a firewall like integrated wireless control, link aggregation, or bandwidth monitoring, but you do need packet filtering and IPSec.

Micro-network functions take the functionality of traditional networking hardware and break them down into services that can be figured and reconfigured the way you want.


Open APIs to Free the Network

By allowing access to open API documentation, we want to empower network engineer and DevOps teams and all users of Stateless technology to help take networking innovation further than we’ve ever seen.

No more manual installations of devices, complex configurations or expensive equipment when connecting or creating networks

Data that typically lives in silos from different locations – that takes weeks to access – can be easily accessed in one homogeneous network ecosystem

No more reliance on vendor code/preprogrammed devices. Build what you want how you want it or we can build it for you!  IT is no longer the department of “no.”

Dramatically reduce human error when configuring networks and simple to use software means anyone can learn how to spin up a network

Save on costs to scale – handle thousands of connections and many networks with one software application

Troubleshoot the entire network from one view – gone are the days of stitching together multiple syslog + netflow + SNMP logs (you’re welcome)

Stateless Tech vs. NFV vs. SD-WAN vs. SDCI - What's the Difference?

See the comparison guide for a detailed look at the applications, strengths, weaknesses, vendors and more behind the latest networking technology

Stateless Awarded a Patent for 'Stateless' Networking Technology

The unique Stateless Inc. technology enables new levels of automation, greatly simplifies how businesses access remote IT services and uses computing resources more than 5x more cost-effectively than traditional approaches

Network Automation for the Hybrid Multicloud Era.

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