Introducing Stateless Luxon

With the rise of multi-site and hybrid cloud deployments, colocation providers have the opportunity to monetize their network like never before.

Stateless Luxon makes this possible through a consolidated, simple to use platform.

Multi-Site + Hybrid Cloud is Here
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Create New Interconnect Products
Multi-site and hybrid deployments are putting colocation providers at the heart of their tenants' most crucial connections.

Providers can create new products and monetize these connections in new ways if they leverage a consolidated, simple to use product to offer Layer 3+ services to all of their enterprise tenants. 
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Rethinking Interconnect

Software-Defined Interconnect (SD-IX) gives colocation providers the power to deliver, control and monetize interconnect points through software. 

With SD-IX, providers can deploy Layer 3+ network services  like routing, security and automation to seamlessly connect tenants to every workload, no matter the endpoint. 

With SD-IX providers can extend connectivity business beyond the four walls of a single physical data center. 

Introducing Stateless Luxon

Stateless Luxon is a platform built  for software-defined interconnect (SD-IX).

Luxon gives colocation and data center providers the power to build new networking products by simply deploying Layer 3+ network routing, security and automation services in multitenant, high throughput environments.

Built on a revolutionary architecture the platform delivers what Layer 1 and Layer 2 network services cannot by providing users with unmatched automation, visibility and customization. 

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Praise for Stateless
Eric Hanselman 451 Research

Eric Hanselman

Chief Analyst - 451 Research

"By decoupling network state and putting it in a scale-out data store, Stateless  is addressing one of the larger issues in network infrastructure elasticity, providing enhanced workload interoperability and resilience."


Philbert Shih

Founder - Structure Research

"Colocation and cloud service providers are set to experience growing demand as enterprises move away from on-premise data centers.Stateless is poised to capitalize on a growing opportunity."

Bob Laliberte

Bob Laliberte

Practice Director + Senior Analayst - ESG

"The business expectations of colocation and data center providers have changed. These providers can now leverage the Luxon platform to easily monetize additional connections in the data center."

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