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Stateless OCN - Simple Private Connectivity for the Multicloud Era

You no longer need to put your multicloud traffic through the public the Internet…

What is Stateless OCN?

Stateless On-Demand Cloud NaaS (OCN) is a multi-cloud virtual network.

OCN is made of a collection of AWS PrivateLinks, GCP Private Services, and Azure Private Links, cloud native constructs (load balancers, gateways, routers, etc.) plus private cross cloud circuits. 

With OCN, you no longer need to put your traffic through the public the Internet and sacrifice your application’s performance, security, and privacy!

The goal for OCN:

  1. Extends the private links across regions and providers
  2. Provide observability (performance, cost, availability)
  3. On-demand to keep your network cost to the minimum

Use cases for OCN:

  1. Dev Environment Expansion- access services and resources across regions and providers
  2. TAM Expansion – allow customers in different clouds to securely and privately reach your SaaS offering
  3. New Resources Merge – Securely and easily merge with acquired dev environments and resources across regions and clouds
Stateless OCN Diagram

How It Works


Specify the cloud and account you want to connect to OCN


Select the VPC and subnet(s) you want to use


Select the services you want to connect to


Why Stateless OCN?

  • Improve Security Compliance: Using the public Internet increases security risks since you have no control where your data is traveling. 
  • Optimize Connectivity Performance: By using the cloud backbone infrastructure, you get a consistent and stable performance when connect to services across clouds
  • Bypass the need to hire network experts: Cloud network engineers are hard to find and expensive if you could find them. And finding ones with multi-cloud experience is even more challenging.
  • Expedite product development and delivery: The time it takes to configure and manage private connections across clouds causes weeks and months of delay in deploying and accessing services via private links which impact product development and releases

What You get from Stateless OCN


Scale your dev infrastructure across regions and clouds with minimum infrastructure cost


Connect and disconnect private connections to third-party services across cloud in minutes

On Demand

Only pay for dev environments connected to OCN

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