Top 10 Reasons I Joined Stateless


I am beyond thrilled to now call Stateless home! Whether you are a technology partner, reseller, prospective employee, analysts or journalist, Stateless is a company you’ll want to know. There is so much that is positive about this company, both on the surface and behind the scenes, that makes Stateless the “one to watch!”

“What’s happening here at Stateless with our unique architecture is truly the next generation of networking. From what I know, networks have not seen the same magnitude of benefits from virtualization that compute and storage have achieved.”

I could easily come up with more reasons here, but I want to make sure you keep on reading, so I’m sticking with just my top 10.

#10 It’s based in Boulder – the hub of technology in Colorado. I interviewed at the base of the Flatirons.  While my desk doesn’t have a direct view of the mountains – I do have a great view of all the activity happening inside our offices.  Boulder is a great location for work, customer visits, shopping, mountain climbing, skiing (which I love) and for family and friends to visit!

#9 The investors have confidence in the team. In fact, the funding investment represented one of the largest Series A capital rounds raised in Colorado in 2019. Cool, huh?

As the VP of Finance, I have the opportunity to build workflows and analytic structures for the company from the ground up.  We are a start-up after-all. You can read more about my time at Richter working with early stage software companies here in a recent press release announcing my arrival at Stateless.

#7 – The company and the founders have developed a new spin on interconnects for colocation data centers.  These guys are very innovative. While at University of Colorado (as a Ph.D. student and a professor), they noticed a technology gap in extending connectivity beyond the data center to connect workloads across data centers, hyperscale clouds and on-premises footprints. And, they recently received a patent for their innovations on how to route packets more effectively.

#6 – The leadership of the company, led by Murad Kablan and Eric Keller, are personally invested in building a best-of-breed team. They both invest their personal time into recruiting, retaining and inspiring the team. They are in the halls interacting with the team consistently.

#5 – I’m a numbers guy and what excites me in a geeky finance kind of way is not just the market redefining opportunity that Stateless has, but the market opportunity. It’s tremendous! Check out this stat from Structure Research:  Outsourced infrastructure revenue is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28% through 2022, when it is forecasted to reach $382.63 billion up from $138 billion in 2018. And, Stateless is in a very unique position to capitalize on this opportunity.

#4 – What’s happening here at Stateless with our unique architecture is truly the next generation of networking.  From what I know, networks have not seen the same magnitude of benefits from virtualization that compute and storage have achieved.

#3 – Back to the architecture and how it has to do with costs… The Stateless Luxon platform allows service providers to elevate existing assets while providing greater security, visibility and control, no matter the endpoint. Exciting huh?  It allows providers to save money while using the latest innovation in technology.

#2 – One more money saving point.  Stateless’ Luxon provides agile, responsive and flexible software-defined management of interconnect points that protects connectivity revenue(!!) while optimizing internal networks.

#1 – Networks have not seen the same magnitude of benefits from virtualization that compute and storage have achieved. What does that mean?  And, why is it exciting to be here?  Well, Stateless’ unique architecture is the key to the next generation of networking!

#and, one more, #11 – Guess what?  Gartner predicts that in a few years, many enterprises won’t even operate their own data centers anymore. To support this new business, colocation data centers must become more agile, scalable and flexible, and this is where the Stateless offering comes in.

#here’s one more, #12 – We have revolutionary architecture! I know, I know, everyone says that, but as this environmental shift in the data center takes place Stateless is there.  I’m part of an exciting team facilitating a unique approach to bringing software-defined interconnects (SD-IX) to colocation data centers.

Lastly, <…drum roll….>  The employees are treated with the utmost respect. From the moment I first started working as a contracted agency with Stateless, to the moment I was invited to join this fast-paced team, to the moment I accepted my offer, every single interaction with every individual has been respectful, supportive, productive, enthusiastic and collaborative.

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