Accelerating Innovation in Data Centers | Part 1


Along with Murad Kablan, my colleague and co-founder of Stateless, we will explore, though in different directions, new insights on the revolutionary changes in the data center business. As CEO, Murad plans to focus on the business issues while I will focus more on the technology inside and outside data centers.

Data centers and interconnections are at the core of internet technology as well as our platform, Luxon. For example, you cannot connect your smartphone to anything without it being connected to a massive wireless network built by extremely sophisticated telecommunications companies. As the smartphone or edge device has evolved and will continue to do so, the need for more communications bandwidth to connect to more content sources, is literally growing exponentially.

Reasons for Exponential Growth 

There is no doubt there is an infinite demand for bandwidth which means that the connections to the sources for business technology services from payment processing and other fintech applications, IoT, industrial internet of things (IIoT), 5G, AI-artificial intelligence, big data, military, cybersecurity, gaming, public WiFi, medical and healthcare and other concepts will also grow significantly. There are approximately three million data centers today and by many accounts, including our own research, that will number will at least double in the next decade.

The reasons for this growth are multifold through digital transformation, evolving business plans for public, private and hybrid cloud migrations, data center to data center connections and other business trends. Rather than you, the end user, moving closer to the data centers where all these connections will take place, data centers will be moving closer to you. Just like there were few ATM locations, then many and now the ATM is in your hand with your mobile device. Rather than you going to the bank, the bank is coming to you and many other things you do in your life as well. In being transparent, accelerating the technology for all kinds of connections is what we do.

Interconnecting at the Layer 3 Network is Key

Inside the data center is a maze of wires, computing, storage, power, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) and other systems to make connections between all the users and content sources. Today, there are hundreds, even thousands, of connections inside data centers which will only increase in the future. Interconnecting all of the key content connections at the Layer 3-Network is our focus because that is, among other things, where the bottle-neck is in terms of throughput, distribution and connections. Murad and I saw this from our research and went about developing an innovative set of solutions that accelerating provisioning, distribution and service delivery.

In order to keep these briefing notes fast, focused and functional in one-minute, I would like to pause until next time to drill deeper into the issues addressed above and ahead. In the meantime,  you can email me directly at with your thoughts, ideas and observations.

Thanks again for taking a minute of your busy day.
Eric Keller, CTO

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