How Much of Your Cloud Cost Savings are You Wasting?

Use the calculator below to estimate the opportunity cost of building cloud interconnections using a box-based approach. Figure out your actual savings once cost of time to install & configure interconnections is factored in.

Large workload running on 8 servers, each server with 32 cores & 256G of RAM + 100T storage

Anticipated Cost Savings:  $120,000 (use this # in the calculator)

Mid-size corporate on-site datacenter moving workloads to cloud:

  • 250 users
  • 12 office productivity applications
  • 1 ERP application
  • 1 CRM application
  • 4 racks of servers

Anticipated Cost Savings:  $200,000  (use this # in the calculator)

Large corporate on-site data center moving workloads to cloud:

  • 1000 users
  • 10 office productivity applications
  • 2 ERP applications
  • 1 CRM application
  • 8 racks of servers

Anticipated Cost Savings:  $980,000  (use this # in the calculator)


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