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What to Expect



Our recruiting process was born out of research, experience, and the desire to try new things that most companies don’t do.

We want it to be as objective and accurate as possible, minimize bias where we can, and also maintain the ‘human’ element throughout the process. We strive to set realistic expectations with all candidates and communicate frequently so you always know what’s going on.

We designed the experience thoughtfully so there is a truthful representation of what it’s like to work here. We want you to feel our ‘Supportive, Sincere, Striving, Studious, and Stateless’ culture and get a feel for how you might contribute here.


CULTURE 'ADDS', not culture 'Fits'

Some companies like to use “culture fit” to mean finding people who think just like the hiring team, department or organization. In the end, hiring for culture fit can lead to a homogenous environment with little to no room for diversity.

We look for people who align with our 5 core values and can bring a little something extra to the table. That’s why we call it a culture “add”!


I submitted my resume. what's next?

You can expect us to review your application thoroughly and reach out to schedule the first call if your experience aligns with what we are searching for.

The next round involves a complete at-home exercise directly relevant to your role that you will send in. If we like your work, you will get an invite for an onsite interview to see what it’s really like to work at Stateless!


We put culture first